Monday, July 03, 2006

Rochy and beyond part 2

Sorry Jess, this is not a fluffy animal story. It is nasty.

My step mother used to breed and show Samoyeds, quite successfully. But before my father died, she switched to Sheeba Inus, a Japanese breed. They don't bark, are fiercly independant and tend to be a one person dog. They are smallish but not nasty dogs. Just incredibly aloof. My stepmother's present partner built her dog runs at the place they bought together. They house five Sheebas. A couple of them are rotated as house pets on alternate nights. Her partner has his own Jack Russell, an adorable spoilt lap dog. And then there is Jackson.

My stepmother's grandson went to jail for assaulting police I think. He had a troubled back ground and family life, of course, no excuse. He owned a dog, a British bulldog cross.....dunno, fighting dog. My stepmother, who for quite some time, kept her grandson on the straight and narrow, looked after his dog while he was indisposed and then kept the dog. Jackson, the was in the house when we arrived and he was gorgeous and cuddly and affectionate, but one could not help but notice his huge powerful chest and upper legs.

Later in the evening, we learned that he had killed a goat, a neighbour's pet. I suggested that he should be desexed at least, but step mother shook her head, without offering a reason. So, they keep a close eye on this dog. He is securely locked up at night and if they are out and watched constantly.

They also have four calves on their few acres. Usual, adorable, but snot dribbling critters.

SMother and I were chatting in back yard while her partner, B, was feeding the dogs in their runs. He had taken Jackson with him. There was a terrible comotion. Sm went running. I did not know what was happening. I impotently watched between two trees. Jackson had gripped onto one of the calf's neck. The calf was running with the dog attached. B was running after them with a straw broom, with Sm in hot pursuit. Almost sounds funny. It wasn't if you could hear the noise from the calf and the other dogs going beserk. B is nearly 80 and Sm is approaching 70.

Jackson had locked on hard to the calf's neck. Sm pulled at him while B beat him with the broom. Eventually they detached him. I saw B punching the dog in the head, then Sm told him to stop. She soundly berated him for letting the dog free with the calves. Later she said it was the first time she had ever spoken harshly to B. She did not blame the dog, and perhaps she is right, as his temperament was already known.

The calf was alright and Jackson was put in his pen for the day. The dog is so good with people, but bad with other animals. I suggested that the dog could not be trusted with children and I was pooh poohed. But hey, would you trust a dog like that with your children?

When I have an inkling of any sort of human to animal cruelty or human to animal nastiness happening on tv, I quickly leave the room. This time it wasn't on tv and I had to bear witness to it. It was not nice. I said nothing and although Sm explained things, I just thought it was all so wrong.

The ever wise R later quoted the president of the RSPCA, Dr Hugh Wirth, to me. If a dog attacks a human or another animal, in a serious manner rather than just a scrap, put it down.


  1. Oh man, that is horrible! I don't think I would trust a dog like that. When I was a kid we had a dog that was part huskey part ridge-back and it was seriously agressive. It never hurt my brother or I but it would go after cats and other animals. When we moved to the City we gave it to some hunter or something. Or at least thats what my mom told me :)

  2. I hate to say it but the dog has to go and mostly because it's a Bulldog cross not a purebred. It will remember the calf and it will keep going after it every chance it gets. I wouldn't trust it near a grown-up much less a child.

  3. A wise decision on your parent's part I think Jess.

    Jah Teh, in the lounge room, lying on his back, looking at you with pretty eyes and begging you to give him a cuddle, it is impossible to imagine. But you are quite correct.