Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rochester and beyond Part 4

On the Sunday, stepmother took us in to see the sights of Echuca. She drove us around a bit. Her car only beeped twice when she exceeded the highway speed limit. We looked at a new housing esteate, the main shopping area and then parked on the edge of the river Murray. There is a defined history/tourist street and also an area where you pay to enter. The paid area is the old wharfs, a paddle steamer under reconstruction and a steam driven saw mill.

The admission price at $11.50 was quite high but it was a day pass. We were there for about forty five minutes and I could see no reason to go back. The mill was interesting, but more for the many steam driven engines that were operating. Hiss, shhhh, hiss, shhhh. Steam venting, oil cups dripping, damp warmth. Not a noisy sound, a bit comforting and constant. Hiss, shhhh.

Out of the paid area, the ticket also gave us access to an underground room at a pub where either and prostitutes and out of hours drinking went on. There was an escape tunnel from the back of the area.

On the trip to Echuca, stepmother complained about the hoons driving along the gravel road at speed. On the return trip I noticed the speedo was showing 90kph.

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