Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rochester and beyond part 1

Context first.

Father and step mother were living in the north of the state........don't know why they chose to live there, and after a 'long illness', father died. Although I heard about it anyway, over the telephone, she told me with some trepidation, that she had met someone else.

I was pleased. She made my father very happy and she deserved to be happy after my dad had gone.

We had met her new chap twice very briefly, once at her 52 year old son's funeral and once at christmas before last. He was outgoing, friendly and pleasant.

She had sold my dad's and her house in some awful location, and together, her new chap and her have bought a house in another awful location. I don't like flat land. It spooks me.

After putting it off for so long, we visited them and stayed the night. Her new chap is a lovely old fellah, very country, and boy can he talk. But he is interesting.

It was a long drive though. It was overcast when we left Melbourne and once we hit the hills of the Great Dividing Range, it was wet wet wet. What a wonderful new road though, the Hume Freeway. No more traffic lights in Sydney Road. We did not stop from the West Gate Freeway until Kilmore and only then for a disppointing lunch. Go to the local bakery in a country town for some nice food, so the cry goes. It was a lousy pie and the milk for the latte had been scalded. Some uncontrolled kiddies running aroung, daring the staff to drop hot food or coffee on them.

Lovely old buildings though, as there were in subsequent towns, Heathcote, Elmore and Rochester.

I tried to read the directions from my own notes, and actually got it right. Not becasue I could read what I wrote, but I remembered in my head what I was told. 4km past Rochester, 1/2 a kilometre along, turn right, bitumen becomes gravel after 3 km, fourth house on the right, 4wd will be parked out the front. If you get to the channel, you have gone too far.

It is a normal sort of house of a decade or so ago. There are four acres. Four older calves are in the paddock, innumerable dogs are in the dog runs. The house dogs are inside. It is damp and drizzly and that is how stayed for our time there.

Part two to follow, the animals.

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