Sunday, July 30, 2006

Point Nepean and Barwon Bridge

It seems the very nice bridge at Barwon Heads has been saved from the fiends at Vicroads and we will have a national park at Point Nepean. The power of the people when they organise into an action group is wonderful thing to see, if they are doing something you approve of.

I am thinking the state electorate covering Barwon Heads may be a bit marginal or least potentially so.

But Point Nepean is in a safe Liberal Party electorate, so what goes on here? Well, chief lobbyist is Kate Ballieu, a one time reporter for A Current Affair and it seems she has inherited considerable wealth and is now of independant means. (Bitch!!!!!) It has been reported that she has the ears of many important and influential conservative figures and is she not the sister of Ted Ballieu, the state opposition Liberal Party leader?

It is funny the things you remember. I recall, and I am sure it was her, wrote a piece in a I guess The Age, about when she was living in a single storey terrace in North Melbourne and one of the terrace houses caught fire. They all shared a common roofspace without a firewall in between, so there was a serious risk to all the houses.

She called the emergency number but not the Aussie one, 000. She called either the English one, 999 or the American one, 911. I can't recall which one now, but the point was she did it automatically and how influenced Australia had become by overseas tv. This would have been in the 1980s.

Anyway, Ms Kate Ballieu is no fool. Along with tory types, she also courted Labor figures, Green figures, public personalities......the list is long. I seems she eventually got her desired result, a national park at Point Nepean. One could be a little cynical since she lives nearby the park and has made a nice backyard for herself, but still, I think she has done Victoria a big favour. Apart from some unexploded bombs etc, it is quite an original vegetated piece of land and there is some great history to the area as well.

Well done Kate and well done the Barwon Bridge lobbyists.

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