Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Paint and Paper

Perhaps twenty years ago, I took my mother and her now late best friend to shop for wallpaper. The late best friend was a real hoot and a lot of fun. We ended up in a house in Glenhuntly Road. There was room after room of wallpapers. They chose a wallpaper and bought three rolls and some time later, R and I hung it for her as a feature wall in her kitchen. We ripped off the old vinyl and left the backing paper and papered over it. Things come home to roost.

Perhaps four years ago, mother decided wallpaper looked grubby and needed replacing. Can I have for my birthday......... ? In 2002, there weren't many places sellling wallpaper, but we found one in Port Melbourne and they had a nice kitchen type paper. We gave to mother and astonishingly, no given the range of papers that are suitable for kitchens, perhaps not, it was exactly the same paper as we had bought many years earlier.

After a couple of false starts and inertia on our part, today was the day. She had also requested if we could paint her bedroom ceiling at some time. Her and my stepfather could manage the walls. As well as her bedroom, my mother also uses it as her smoking room. While she does not smoke much, step father refused to wash down the room, but was eventually persuaded to at least do the ceiling and mother did the walls.

I am not sure why we did not just again rip off the vinyl and paper over it, but we decided we needed a steamer. I rang a couple of local hire places, and the price was $70 and another $45. Big gap. I hate driving the car to South Melbourne. What about Carnegie Hire? Used to use them when we lived in East Malvern, and it is kinda on the way to Pakenham. Rang them and price was $30. Why such a big difference? The $30 one did the job very well.

We set off at 9 and after picking up the steamer arrived about 10.15. I am in the badbooks for my driving skills, so R drove and whinged about the traffic. Yes it is awful, but that is just how it is.

The steaming took longer than we thought, but was pretty well done by lunch time. I started on the ceiling painting while R started hanging the paper. We both finished about the same time, 4pm. But I had the second coat to apply.

After afternoon tea, I went back into the bedroom and it was looking good, but it was getting darker outside, but not too dark. I started applying the second coat and then the light disappeared quickly. My late father's words rang in my ears, never paint at night or in bad light. No, I am not going to visit again soon. It will be finsished today.

I am not sure what the ceiling paint will look like in the morning and I am not going to phone to ask. The fancy cornice was a bitch and the roller for the rest very small. There was bits of stuff in the paint and the paint was too thick. It would not do for my abode. But R's wallpapering effort looked very fine.

Knocked off at 7 and ma had cooked dinner. Et dinner and bolted back to the uncluttered sanctuary of our own home, arriving 8.50. Body is a bit achey, I am too old now for hard work like this, but it was a good day's work.

Nobody bother me tomorrow please.


  1. My sewing room has pale pink ceiling, rose carpet and pale pink wallpaper. It was lovely until I moved the bookcases into the study and remembered I'd run out of wall paper and only went to the top of said bookcases. The stripping wallpaper saga is running longer than Gone with the Wind so now I shut the door unless you work for tea and biscuits?

  2. I have been called cheap but I am not that cheap. R never knew, but there was a floor tiling gap under a stove and fridge in one place, and an unseen roof area that did not get painted in another.