Saturday, July 29, 2006

No hot guy for the week

Many years ago I saw a movie called Tim. It was an Aussie movie and I think quite a good Aussie movie, if a little shmaltzy. It stared US actor Piper Laurie, Alywyn Kurts of Homicide and it was directed by Michael Pate, who was an Aussie/US actor and seen in cop shows of the time, Matlock Police, Division 4 etc. The book upon which it was based was written by Colleen McCollough and it just occured to me, the movie was about a younger guy with an older woman. Ms McCollough now has a much younger husband. Good for her. I hope he has plenty of stamina.

The lead role of Tim was played by Mel Gibson, and I should be posting his old pics as hunk of the week. He looked stunning in that movie.

But since he is homophobic, born again christian, anti Jewish, ultra conservative, family values type and now has been caught as a drunk driver, he is not getting a gig on my blog, thank you very much. I liked him and I am hurt.


  1. Anything about Gibson now comes under "TMI".

    He was stunning in Tim though and I think the Yanks re-made it but not under that name.

  2. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Yeah, WTF is up with Gibson? I really, just really do not understand how a person can be ultra conservative in this day and just seem masochistic. (I likely spelled that wrong...sorry.)

  3. I guess he had to bust-out eventually.
    Same wife for decades and a dozen kids.
    A better record than the rest of Hollywood.
    He has given a million dollars to NIDA so he gets a point for that.
    HOWEVER, he made bazillions from the Gory Jesus flick. Bazillions.
    The LA cops statement of the arrest says that he was saying "my life is fkd" - so it is nice for the rest of us to have proof that 'Money doesn't make one happy'.
    Maybe it is also proof that catholicism can be spiritually harmful.

  4. I did not know the full story when I wrote the post. It is ever so much worse than I knew. Think his movie career is boogered.