Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Brothels with female staff obviously aren't my thing, but it is handy to know that there are three within a five minute walk should I be asked the question in the street.

It is a bike ride to the nearest male one that I know of, in the shadow of the Port Melbourne railway embankment. Before anyone says it, I only know because a friend used to live in the street.

The pictured free standing house has hosted such an establishment for a very long long time.


  1. I have to get this straight, the male brothel, is it men for women or men for men? This is purely for research purposes you understand.

  2. Sorry Jah Teh, but men for men. Women aren't interested in sex after thirty anyway, are they? Post on similar subject to follow.

  3. Love the sign on Harem, that informs you that tours of the brothal are available.

  4. I can't see that in my photo. You are obviously familiar with the establishment.

  5. It's on the front door. But no, you can't read it in your photo.


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