Monday, July 24, 2006


I have mentioned about the 'special' way some people pronounce Essendon. (Essedon) Many years ago, I corrected my grandfather for saying Dandelong, instead of Dandenong. He wasn't on his own. Many people said it that way back then. No-one ever does now.

I do know to say Lonceston and not Lawnceston for Launceston, Tasmania.

Years ago we had a friend who lived in Melbourne's Lalor. Laylor or Lawlor? I did know, but I have forgotten now.

I have solved the Wahngeratta Wangaratta problem. Just call it Wang.

Reservior strikes terror into my heart. I now say both, Reservor and then repeat the end, vwa, or for effect, forget the name and say Resa, Resa, that place north of Preston.

Now I am in trouble from R for saying VerMONT and not VERmont. SheMONT. I don't care.

Why isn't there a clearly right and wrong way to say these names?

I recall back to when I used to teach English to a Polish immigrant couple. How often I had to say, there is no logic to it and no rule to follow, that is just how it is.


  1. Anonymous9:11 pm

    I am so going to say Dandelong from now own. Not that I often find myself saying "Dandenong" in coversation, but ya know, whatever works.

    My prof the other night pronounced Canada CanaDIA. Love it.

  2. It is a pity you can't say Dandelong often. It would be interesting to hear of who dared to correct you. I worry about the education of CanaDIAN students in Australia.