Thursday, July 27, 2006

I am selfish, but.....

Very long term readers may remember that I have a dyke friend who, about the time I started this blog, was the recipient of a new, well slightly used heart.

Just to recap, she moved to Sydney from Melbourne but in between underwent some training in the US and Philipines with the company she works for. She suffers from lupus, which is degenerative nerve ending condition, but because of the immuno suppressant drugs she must take after her heart transplant, the lupus condition no longer affects her but it was the reason her heart failed.

She is back in Melbourne and working after her close to death experience and lives a very full and busy life. It is an outcome that could only be dreamt about.

So thanks go to the family of the poor young man who died in a NSW car crash, who allowed his heart to be used again. (this is only an educated guess. The timing was right)

I heard organ transplant activists on the radio today, banging on as they often do, about people not donating their organs if they die. Or families not allowing it.

I am sure I am preaching to the converted dear readers, but just in case, here is how I see it.

It may be sad that you have died but you probably could not do anything more for anyone than give them life, sight or whatever, by being an organ donor. Better than giving a smack head a hit, a begger money, a kid a home or stopping all wars in the Middle East. The really cool part is, it costs you NOTHING. Nup, not a thing. If a selfish prick like me can do it, so can you.

Here you go, you can do it online.

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  1. I not only carry my donor card with me but the whole family knows what I want and have all agreed. No shillyshallying with us.