Saturday, July 08, 2006

Container Bar

A few months ago I walked from QV down Tattersalls Lane to Little Bourke Street. I noticed in Tattersalls Lane what seemed to be an open air bar. It looked tres kewl.

A few weeks later when R and I et at Lemon Bistro in Bourke Street, I insisted afterwards that we walk up Tattersalls Lane and the open air bar was hopping, or is that jumping, going off?, or are they 20th century words? Perhaps it was wicked. Surely not gay.

A wee bit later there was something I read in paper about said bar. Ha, I know about that bar in Tattersalls Lane already, well before it gets flooded by city visiting Ringwoodians.

I have just discovered that there is an artists' night market in the city and I am not telling you when and where.


  1. I used to walk down that lane all the time, I must say I was a bit peeved when I found out that someone had gone and put a bar in "my" shortcut. Until then it was just me, the people going to the noodle bar and the odd punter sneaking in or out of the rear entrances to the Shaft Cinema and Club X. The bar does look interesting though, and I like the use of wooden pallets for tables and chairs.

  2. It is funny how we are selfish about things we have discovered.

  3. Thank you Andrew, you saved me saying just that.

  4. What is a Ringwoodian?

  5. A Ringwoodian lives in Ringwood, but it could be many outer suburbs. On Sundays they can be seen in St Kilda, Docklands, Brunswick Street or Vic Market. At night the younger ones can be seen in many trendy night places around the inner city. I suppose I am being snobbish, and I have no reason to be, but the above is true. Fortunately the day tourists seem to have stopped wearing pilled tracksuits and are not so readily identified but they are still out there, cluttering up the inner suburban streets.