Sunday, July 23, 2006


I bought two books a couple of days ago. While I used to buy many, it is a rare event now. Book reading time has been overtaken by internet time. Naturally enough, I bought remaindered books, Hazel Hawke's daughter's tale of herself dealing with her mother's dementia. It cost five dollars and that was overpriced after reading half of the book. The other was about Frank Hardy, of Power without Glory fame and brother of television's Mary Hardy. I recall I wrote about him in my blog in the past and a niece or great niece made a comment. That was a nice moment.

It was one of those cheap book shops that appear for a while and then vanish. The muzak playing was quite loud. I wonder how the young trendy lass put up with it all day. The three tracks I heard were:

Mrs Robinson
Mull of Kintyre
Seasons in the Sun.

For someone who seems to have lost the ability to appreciate, or even like music of any description, it was torturous.

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