Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wish I could do it

A tip for work mates. If you do not have too much service invested in your job and you find it hard to imagine doing that job for the rest of your life, you could do well to consider managing big buildings like where I live. It is not a hard job, although it can be a bit political at times.

You do need to be able to see when something is not right. Maybe the foyer floor looks dull and needs a polish. Maybe there is light out. Maybe there is scuff mark on a wall. Maybe there is a spill somewhere. Maybe a tradesperson is claiming too much time for an attendance. Maybe a resident needs a word of advice to stop them upsetting other residents.

If you are good at this job, you will be in demand and can earn quite good money. And residents will be quite nice to you, as they will want favours in the future and expect extra service. But you will choose very carefully about who you grant this to. It is not a hard job. I dunno why our building is having so much trouble finding someone.

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