Friday, June 09, 2006

Watching you

I attended today's education session for our new security cameras. While there is some fine tuning, they are pretty good. I do have some pride in knowing about our building and how things work, but I did not know that there was already a cam in the stair well emergency escape from the carpark.

It was a huge laugh, becasue the first camera that we saw showed the new people who were moving into the building. They were at the car park door and it was actually an old existing camera. They had a serious pash standing directly in front of the camera. Our body corp manager switched it to another camera, but we insisted she switch it back. Someone pressed a button and they were back but in close up. They were Asian heritage and going at it like hammers and tongs. It was almost pornographic, but real, very real. Kissing, grinding, hands in places they are not normally are in public . But it was all on a previously existiing camera. Hey folks, glance around and check if there is an evil eye watching before you do stuff.

I suppose now that they have moved in, they are having some 'sort' of celebration and completing their unfinished task.

Bring up date, in the reverse American way, alter time, and I could watch it again. One woman was present and she wanted to turn it off. All the men wanted to leave it on. Leads me on to my next post.


  1. There's a reason no-one refers to "dirty old women".

  2. I have met some dirty old woman and when they are dirty, they are really dirty. Now where did I read somewhere about some older woman perving of the check our chaps in the supermarket?

  3. Mentally stripping some cute thing down to his jocks is not the same as actually watching.

  4. One can only think of a silly old expression, if ifs and ans were pots and pans......approaching dementia (sorry, touchy subject) was it, your grandmother could be your aunt?

    PS Many years ago I knew two girls who insisted on going through my porno magazines. They broke up laughing when they saw the 'bits' of one guy who I thought was really hot. I had no idea how to respond. Men's bits look hot, not funny.

  5. The dangly bits always break me up. How do you keep track of all the different pieces without a GPS chip?

  6. They pretty well stay in the same place, with only minor changes. Instinct plays a big part.


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