Tuesday, June 27, 2006


It was going to be two nights away at the holiday house in Rosebud, (um, that reads like it might be ours, it is not, although we do feel a little posessive of it), but circumstances meant it was only one night, and that was long enough.

We arrived Sunday and then my mother, step father and brother arrived for a pre arranged afternoon tea. We had left enough time to shop at the local supermarket for said tea and to have something really greasy to make us feel better after the night before. Brownie, I took your cold cure advice to the enth degree and it worked, although I forewent the crisps.

The house was as cold at the proverbial witches. The wall furnace took a long time to heat the smallish house, but once heated, it was fine.

After getting rid of family fondly farewelling family, we napped, showered and adjourned to the local Rosebud Hotel for dinner. Very nice roast lamb. Last time we were there, we noticed a Maori transexual waiter. She was seemed well accepted and this time she had just gone off duty and it was her birthday and she was priming herself for a good night. Not really what you would expect in Rosebud.

Stupid rugby on sports tv at pub. Tried to make sense of it but failed. Warriors 36, South Sydney 0. How does that work then? Don't really want to know.

Back to the house for not a great night's sleep. By six thirty I was wide awake and went out to watch the lightening sky and listen to the magpies. I was frightened half to death when three doves took off from the almost in bloom wattle tree I was standing near to.

Back inside and over the course of the day, almost read a whole book. Peter and Richard Wherrett's biography. Good read.

Near eleven we set off to have a look at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne branch. I went an indirect route and took nearly an hour to get there. While I am a bit of a rose/elm/azalea/rhody type person, I was quite impressed by the display of native plants. It is very well done and I need to revisit in about five years to see how it has grown. Popular enough for a Monday. Nice sunshine no doubt helped. Also took a walk to a trig point, nice views.

Back to Rosebud, more direct route. We intended to stay two nights there, but I said to R, and he readily agreed, since we have to go to Langwarrin tonight, what is the point of coming back here to sleep and then packing up in the morning to go home. At Langwarrin, we are halfway home already.

My niece had her eighteenth birthday party on Saturday night. She invited 120 people, but alas, only eighty turned up. I don't think I know eighty people? The consolation for the old folk, such as us, was a meal out on Monday night. 300g rump steak, with pepper sauce and a nice enough salad and chips for $12.50 is a bargain not to be missed. The venue, Hub, at Karingal, is to be missed. What a souless modern place it was. If I wanted to eat in a barn, I would choose a nice one. Nice to catch up with family though.

Adjourned to sister in laws for cake and coffee and then home by 10.10. Feel like I have been away forever. It is a terrible thing to like where you live so much that you don't feel the need to venture far.

Um, and as it is school holidays, my younger niece seems to have invited herself to stay. Sister in law will drop her in late tomorrow when she takes eighteen year old niece to airport for a trip to Queensland. This is fine, coz we will drag her off to march against the government's work place relations legislation on Wednesday and mould her impressionable mind.

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  1. Glad to hear you fortified yourself with a whiskey or two.
    I would need a whole bottle before I could face Rosebud (and I don't mean any snow sleds) as I was educated at Rosebud High School back in the days when they thrashed us if we were found not wearing hats and gloves.

    For the throat cure, it is all the salt on crisps which has antiseptic qualities far preferable to Listerine.