Friday, June 30, 2006

Pound Bend

'I'm bored, what can we do?' whined yours truly. As usual, R was not forthcoming with a bright idea.

I thought about it while in the shower and decided that I had to see Pound Bend at Warrendyte. I might die tomorrow and I will be a troubled soul if I don't see it. How I have never seen it, I do not know, but I hadn't.

It is surprisingly not that far from town, maybe half an hours drive along what surely must be the best free road in Melbourne, the Eastern Freeway. Wide, free flowing and with room for adding more lanes, as well as a BLOODY RAILWAY LINE down the middle.

The town of Warryndyte is not dissimilar to where I was a few weeks earlier, Hurstbridge, but sans train. We went to a well known bakery and bought a disappointing pastie each. We walked along the river for a bit, very pleasant although the day was grey, cold and overcast. The ducks on the river did not mind.

We then drove to a quite desserted Pound Bend Park and walked to where the tunnel empties it's river water back into the Yarra. The river almost makes a complete circle and between two sides a tunnel was dug to reduce the waterflow and level in the river so that gold could be panned from the river. Evidently you can travel through the tunnel on a canoe, although I do recall someone being killed several years ago.

We did not investigate carefully but it seemed to us that you cannot get close to where the water enters the tunnel.

Three hours for the trip maybe, and it gave a structure to the day.

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