Friday, June 30, 2006

Niece Update

We have safely returned niece to the only home she has ever lived in Langwarrin. My chat the other night must have had some impact. Soon after, she went to bed and sent an sms to her father apologising for her attitude to his new but now ex lady friend. She asked him not to show the sms to anyone, but of course what did he do tonight, show it to R and myself. As he fell down stairs the other night, no doubt very drunk, her threat to push him down the stairs if he told, was apt.

It was good to have her stay and I think she really enjoys staying. As always after visitors, it is nice to have our place back to ourselves.

I hope I educated her about a couple of things apart from the above. It is not the end of the world if there is not enough butter to make ginger nuts. You can use margarine as well. You can even pop it in later. This knife is for bread and butter, not for eating a meal with and likewise, this fork is for dessert or cake and not for twirling spaghetti with. The steak knife as a general cutting knife is not a bad choice, but there is a block of lovely sharp cutting knives in front of you. Then I hope we educated her a little about politics, naturally biased.

Not a one way street though. I learned that one needs to be a little more sensitive at times when dealing with a maturing teenage lass. They can easily see afront in an innocent remark. I thought she knew where the recyling room was, but it seemed she had forgotten. She had put all the papers down the rubbish chute and was about to put the bottles down, but then remembered. R, just awoken from his arvo nap, may have just put it a bit harshly, that papers go to the recyling room. He was more annoyed with me for not going with her. But she was worried that she had done the wrong thing. Ever polite, if she apologised once for bumping me when we out walking, she apologised a hundred times. I was well sick of that. I may be old from her perspective, but I am not glass.

Any pop star or movie person or band/group I had a query about, she could answer. That is, so long as they were under a certain age. She had no idea who Johnny Depp was, but when I asked her who was the guy on a greeting card, she told me he was Will Young.

After battling the traffic on the Monash Freeway, well not really a battle. You can't battle when you are moving like a snail, we returned her to her family. How can people drive every evening in traffic like that? Her mother had cooked us a meal. Quite a frank chat with her father.

Peace and quiet and only one person to compete with now for use of the pc.


  1. You didn't mention how old she is but it's nice that she's willing to learn. I bought my son a book called the Butler's Handbook which he was happy to read then tell me how to do things properly. I have to say I still use a few of the tips which were good.

  2. She is fourteen Jahteh, but an old fourteen.

  3. She's FOURTEEN and wearing black lacey bras. I was going to say I hope you had a frank chat with her but I bet she could have told you a thing or two.

  4. It was a swimming costume. We had all been down in the pool. Very nice pattern on it for sure. I suggested she should rinse the chlorine out of it in the shower.

  5. Thank you, that eases the mind somewhat.