Friday, June 09, 2006

MFB, Not Metropolitan Fire Brigade

I was without the internet at home for about four hours today. I sweated, I flushed, I felt ill.

There has been some indications that somethig was not quite right. We had some really slow start ups by our pc on the odd occasion. Like around five minutes! But then it seemed to return to a normal state.

Today I noticed when vacumming, how much dust was behind the pc. It won't do for a smart apartment in St Kilda Road. I will clean it. Ah, just one screw at the back of the pc. Better take the case off and clean off the dust inside. An artist's brush was not make much of an impression. I remembered the last time I did this. I adapted a turkey baster to connect to the vac machine to give a concentrated suck. I then recalled that the vac sucked the turkey baster tube into it's tube and it was a devil of a job to get it out. I taped it firmly this time. I had a ten mm strongly sucking tube. It did the job.

Plug the power cord back in and nothing. Blank screen, no pc start up. Spend half an hour plugging, switching on and off, nothing. Take machine to pc shop. I have not had to go there since we bought it. Much better than past pcs. It is H Tek, in St Kilda Road near the corner of Carlisle Street if you are interested. Used to be in Carlisle Street. Dealt with and spent plenty of money there. Within a couple of hours, the pc was ready to collect and the MFB had failed. It cost $140 to replace.

Have you worked out MFB yet? Mother Effing Board.

I am so dependant on the internet now, it was stressful to be without it. I need to access my emails at least. Life depends on them. I live and die by the net. Why did I donate our old pc to a charitble place? I need a back up pc.

My day's plans were screwed up. And after my plans, I was supposed to go with R into the city for his appointment and then we would go somewhere for an early dinner. Instead, I was picking up the pc. We met a bit later and had an ok dinner, but Friday night drinkies nights for city workers is not a great time for folks like us. Too busy.

The day was less than satisfactory.

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  1. Well now I know of two things you can do with a turkey baster. I wonder if people actually use them for "basting" turkeys...


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