Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gay bar, gay bar, i wanna go to a gay bar

Met at Dame M's and sat, chatted, had a couple of chards and waited for her boarder to transform into Jasmine. Jasmine went all out and looked pretty hot, if that is your thing. It is not mine, but it can be amusing. It always amazes me how relatively shy and introspective people slip on a dress, well a bit more effort than that really, and then become the life of the party, full of clever comments, charm and wit. I have noticed this more than once.

By nine we were seated at a reserved table at Pink at the Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda. The St Kilda Council Depot used to be opposite and the workers used to drink there. The venue is small, dingy, smokey and vile. The performers were wonderful, charming and friendly. The staff were wonderful, charming and friendly. The charming latters more than cancelled out the former and we had a great night.

The show was based on The Sound of Music, with some Marlene Deitrich, Springtime for Hitler, Abba and Cabaret thrown in. All very entertaining.

It was my first visit to a gay bar since NYE before last. I was reminded what fun they can be, but also why I don't bother anymore.

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