Thursday, June 08, 2006

DVD review

Have I said this already? There is probably a good reason why I did not see these movies at the cinema when they were released.

Wolf Creek. How stupid and hopeless were the two girls? Formulaic, if that is a word. I compare it something like Cape Fear, and it does not compare well.

Crackerjack. It would have been a classy production if it was shown on our ABC one night. Great acting (except they weren't, they were playing the same old roles as they always have), but ever so Australian. Some really clever humour,but heard it all before, mostly.

Serial Mom. Too cliched (phonetic clishayed).

Chopper, not bad, but did I miss the story line? Was there one? There were some very good intense scenes, but they do not a great movie make.

Looking for Alibrandi, about half way through, I reaslised I had seen it before. Again a very worthy production for tv perhaps, in it's time. Initially it explored some interesting concepts, but took them nowhere!

Lantana? No scenery, so why would you see it on a big screen? But it was pretty good and held my attention. The end was somewhat unsatisfying though. Acting was brilliant. I have a feeling that there may be a follow up movie.

All, bar one were Aussie movies. Very Aussie. Is it possible that we could make an international movie? We have in the past.

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