Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dame M tale #22

Dame M has two apartments above her that she rents out. One of the tenants locked himself out the other night. Instead of rousing Dame M for the spare key at four in the morning, the guy climbed up onto the roof and removed toilet window louvres and managed to get in. Dame M said she would have only been annoyed but not murderous to be woken for the spare key at four in the morning.

Dame M rolled her eyes and starting talking about the worst tenants that she has ever had. They were a couple, nicely dressed, very fresh and healthy looking and friendly. What she did not know when she accepted them, was that they had just left a drug detox centre in Queensland.

They were soon back using, he dealing from the flat and she bringing 'clients' home. After a night of disturbances above, Dame M went up to lecture them. She found them in a bad state and they were both suffering from severe diarohhe, diarohe, di.........the shits. The flat was covered in it, walls, carpets, kitchen. She made them leave and fruitlessly tried to get cleaners to come and clean up the mess. They all refused and as a last resort, she called one the couple's fathers and told him if he did not come around and clean up, all the belongings would be on his front lawn the next morning. He did attend and cleaned up the worst of it. I guess they formally left soon after.

Not so long ago, the male of the couple turned up at Dame M's door. He was now clean and had been for some time and just called into to say hello and offer a small apology for the past. Sadly his female partner had overdosed and died. Drugs are bad kiddies.

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