Monday, June 05, 2006

Crossing the Punt Road for dvds

Today I walked to what I think is the nearest dvd rental shop in Toorak Road, South Yarra. A tram just departed at the corner of Park Street and Toorak Road, so I walked the whole way. The worst of it had passed as I had walked uphill, the rest was downhill. I just missed the green walk at Punt Road, and I thought I will not cross, I am not in a hurry. I waited and waited. The lights remained green. Some blonde bimbo started crossing. Then I did what I despise seeing others do. I carefully checked that I was not going to stifle any traffic turning into Punt Road and stepped out. As soon as I did, the lights started to change and I had to sprint across. Why did I wait so long? I see others do it all the time and think they are idiots. Why didn't I just wait for the next cycle of lights? Perhaps I don't like pseudo freeways like Punt Road where the traffic light cycles are so long, unless of course I am travelling along Punt Road.

I have not been on a dvd/video shop for many years and I was surprised to see that there were still some video tapes. One woman came in and asked for Diva, one of my favourite movies. They only had it on video. I debated whether to strike up a chat about the movie, but she seemed a bit loopy and had a kid in a pram. I stayed silent. The owner was banging on about how business was sithouse to someone. I can't say the shop was enticing to visit. Very functional with some movie playing too loud.

I hired some movies that I meant to see when they were released but did not.

Lantana, Looking for Alibrandi, Wolf Creek, Chopper, CrackerJack and the token overseas dvd, Serial Mom. I have a week to watch them as I am not working this week. Still on my list is DeLovely, Six Degrees of Separation and Little Fish and Hostel.

R wants to see Lantana. The rest I will watch on my own and I can bore you with lots of blog posts while I do so.


  1. The old Cunt Road eh?

  2. Language laddie. Your choice, soap and water in the mouth or a spanking.

  3. Chopper's a good film. Gritty, difficult to stomach, but a very good film. Wolf Creek is the only other one I've seen, and it's pretty good. So good, that numerous people I know left the cinema before it had ended. They have weak stomachs!

  4. Stop there young Skander. I am too old to be excited about having you over my knee. (liar)

    Rob, I drifted to other more interesting things while I was watching Chopper. I will mention films hired at a later point.


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