Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The building

It may seem like an inanimate building to some, but it is our home. We respect it as such and get well annoyed when others mistreat it.

Our new security cameras have been installed. There are now fifteen cameras and you are being observed if you enter, from many angles. Tomorrow I will attend a training session on how the whole system works. I have seen the camera pics already and they are vivid and in colour and the digital recording system is first class. If you are wearing a hood and wish to invade and do damage, then we will track you through operation of remote door unlocking activity. It can all be matched. Jump the fence from next door, we are still watching you and you can't get into our pool or spa without a remote control.

I don't think us body corporate representatives wanted to spend nearly $40,00 on this system, but bad behaviour has put us in this position. And we are one of the so called quality blocks?

We have a considerable sinking fund for maintenance of the building, and we hope that it will protect everyone's investment here.

As for East Melbourne Property Management? They seem to be wanting.

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