Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bad to crook

Things are worse. The pc is working fine, but our air con 'failed to proceed' this morning. Nothing happens except a flashing green light. I tried everything I could think of, but nope, it is boogered. I somehow think it is nothing serious, that the system is protecting itself, but who knows.

Of course it did not happen early in the week while I was home all week for a repairman to call.

We gave away our years old portable fan heater so we had to buy a new one this morning. We ended up getting a ceramic model which runs for about six cents and hour, compared to around 35 for a conventional heater. It has taken the chill off the air, but it is not that good really.

Could air con have broken down at a worse time? The first day of a long weekend and perhaps the coldest and foggiest day of the year.

Update: Coldest day for thirteen years.

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