Friday, June 30, 2006

Asian in Oz

Niece asked about our immediate neighbours. I told her that there was a mother with two teenage sons. There could be a husband. I saw him a long time ago. I don't really know. Niece must have picked up on the teenage sons.

As we were bashing off for a long walk through the park to the lcoal shops today, neighbour's door was open as a visitor was departing. Niece must have seen inside and seen the people.

Just five minutes into the walk, niece asked if our immediate neighbours were Asian. I replied, yes, rich people from Hong Kong, drive a Mercedes. That was the end of the conversation.

Two teenage bois next door obviously had her mind working. Once found out they were Asian, dismissed from head.

I expect she was annoyed with me for not pointing this out sooner, and the ever rascist me, did not, and put her to a test.

In a way, she passed the test, as these boys next door would be so alien to her as she would be to them. But is does trouble me that she so automatically rejected them.

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