Friday, June 23, 2006

Air con and pc update

The air con man came today, dropped his screwdriver over the edge of the balcony and fortunately did not kill anyone, fixed the air con and departed. I had to lend him a phillipshead to complete the job. I was watching him staring over the edge of the balcony in a downward direction and though he had dropped one of the precious new parts. No fortunately. He suggested I clean the fins of grease from the barbe. Just what I need today. I labouriously did so. Only an hour of my time. Who cares? Anyway, air con under warranty, no charge. Gosh it is nice to have it working again.

Took the pc to the pc shop and after waiting for forty minutes while he played around and could not solve the no sound issue, he suggested I leave and he would call. At least he gave me the net to play on while I waited. For once I could not think of much to do with the net. He called late arvo and we picked the pc up. Something about when he replaced the motherboard, he connected some jumper thingy wrongly. He did it French, when it wasn't, or vice versa. My pc has seen much worse than French. He was very apologetic.

Supposed to go into town for a meal tonight, but after today's difficulties and having come down with a cold, it didn't happen.


  1. High Riser 1, technology 0.

    re the cold: if you have The Throat, sip straight whiskey, and/or scoff large quantities of salt n vinegar potato chips. Guaranteed to scour away all the vileness. get well soon.

  2. The cure sounds very pleasant Brownie, but don't encourage me. I am bad enough already.