Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Above the pests

In some ways it is kinda nice living above the fog that Melbourne has experienced lately. Not entirely do we live above, but often. We thought we would live above flying pests and we fairly well do. There is some odd flying insect that I have never seen at ground level that invades us sometimes, but it is rare. I have not seen a blow fly, I don't think, since we have been here. Sometimes, drama, drama, a heaven bound house fly calls in. When you have one house fly a week, it is a big drama, especially for a Budhist sympathyser like me. I'm afraid my nasty face comes out on such occasions and I resort to chemical destruction.

As kids and in spite of fly screens, my mother was constantly dousing the air with insecticide. The smart city girl did not like country flies. Thankfully we never resorted to sticky fly papers that many of our neighbours did.

At the age of eighteen, I journeyed with a female co-worker, some years my senior, to her sister's abode in Gympie, Queensland, via a motel in Dubbo, an old ambulance driver root of hers in Towoomba and another sister in Ipswich. The car's alternator died in Brisbane and I had to do something complicated at the bank for my grandmother to send us some money.

Let me say, if you are ever entranced by the name Gympie, don't bother. It was awful. The house was substandard. No blinds on my sleepout room, so the sun came in hot every morning. No shower, had to heat water on the stove for a bath and no sooner was I out and I was hot and sticky again. One had to tread a careful path to the outside lav to avoid the hideous cane toads. I heard back later that I constantly whinged about it all, and I expect I did and I was quite justified. I did get to see Noosa before it became popular and Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach and some other sights including the Sunshine Coast. but I can't remember them now.

What this sister of my co-worker 'friend' did have was an intriguing fly capturing device. It was like a decanter with a hollow middle. There was water in it and you casually placed the aparatus over the fly which then flew up the funnel and dropped into the water. It worked well. It passed the time for me. But not everyone in the house was as active as I and there were many disgusting fly papers hanging with the flies attached. I am unsure how the device was emptied of decaying fly water and bodies. (No spell checking or read through)


  1. I want one of those bottles. I've never heard of that device but what a way to pick up a load of bad Karma. Did it work on the mozzies?

  2. No mozzies there. Although I have trolled in many brica brack shops,I have never seen another.

  3. Let me share Happy Household Hint No.38 -

    to kill any flying thing (including wasps) without covering your food with poisons, just spray them with Pure & Simple, or Olive Oil in a spray can.
    The oil coats their wings and even wasps hit the ground where they can be swiftly and humanely stomped on.

    I hate to kill creatures, and am dreading the euthanasia of a very large spider who has been camped in the ceiling corner of my hall for years (how LONG!? do they live).
    I have to get rid of his complex condo because I am moving house ... maybe I could take him with me.

  4. Spray oil makes enough of a mess in the kitchen, not sure I want to spray it around elsewhere.

    Leave Mrs Spider there. The visible ones are always a her. Thought you had moved already?

  5. Gympie reminds me too much of the Gimp, and he wasn't much use, was he?


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