Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The scum on the street

I wouldn't have been troubled by it much at all if was a young and troubled youth. I would have still ignored it. I would have been a little less surprised if it was in St Kilda. No, neither, it was in down town Malvern bordering on Toorak and he must have been at least mid thirties, if not older.

I was sitting waiting for a tram, buds in ears, reading the paper. For once, it was actually today's paper. I was vaguely aware of some loon running across the road and then sitting on the seat where I was. I heard a prolonged hiss. Oh yeah, I know what this is about. The first time I heard it, I though it someone with a lung disease giving himself some oxygen.

He knew full well that I knew what he was doing and that I was pretending not to notice. Don't care. That is my way of dealing. If I noticed, I would have to do something or at least recognise what he was doing. No, no, no. I am happy with my strong latte, radio and newspaper. Don't spoil it for me.

And he didn't. He boarded my tram, sat down the back, chromed away and caused no problem. Stupid lad, at his age he should know better, but far preferrable to tanked up school boys or drunken women on a hen's night.

For you who don't know about chroming, from my limited experience, it is only themselves they harm and it does not make them a threat to anyone. That is unless spray cans are put on some sort of restriction so that they have to commit criminal acts to obtain them.

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  1. I experienced one during my job and it was actually quite funny. Kid was up the back along Dandenong Rd and I smelt something wrong. I spotted him huddled in the corner in a near empty load. I stopped and asked him to move up a little closer out of the corner (with doors open, just in case). He leaped out of the tram and dropped his pants, signalling a midday rise of the moon, then he raced off.

    Spray cans should be restricted for chroming and vandalism reduction, but this won't happen until some of the little ones actually die. Given the permanent damage caused to the brain, I don't think we'll have to wait too long.