Thursday, May 25, 2006

Schlock and the TV

Is that the correct spelling? What a marvellous word. American now but no doubt derived from a European language or perhaps Yiddish. Take it as read that I enjoy many shows on our ABC. Peking to Paris was great on Sunday night.

But I confess to liking a bit of schlock. While I only listen to ABC Radio and Joy Melbourne, the tv sometimes drifts channels a little. It drifted all over the place on Sunday night. After the Alan Clarke Diaries finished, what was there to watch? I wasn't even keen on that afore mentioned program. (I want to insert an extra m and an e at the end of program, but I am adjusting to modern language. I have stopped spelling jail as gaol too).

Double episode of CSI. I have never watched it but thought I would give it a chance. Too, noisy. Too many cars. Too much action. Crashing cars and shootings. Switch back to ABC. Boring ernest show about Vincent Van Gough. Don't like seeing animal cruelty, such as bullfighting, but I did learn a bit about him. Not very interesting. Finished up watching Love Actually as when I turned the dial, there was quite a hot Spanish looking guy in it. Sorry M!key, but it was an atrocious movie.

So what is my schlock tv? Today Tonight with Naomi. Bichy tart she is but I don't mind her. Don't care if I miss it though. All Saints. Watched it for a long time and enjoy it and seldom miss it. It is pure soap, but great characters and pretty good acting for a churn out an hour (less that 50 minutes I should think) a week show.

R likes a more schlock tv than I do and much is not to my taste, but I love Desperate Housewives and he does not. Desperate Houswives is a must see for me. Perhaps I am in love with the fantasy of middle class America.

Then there are the ads. If I watch commercial tv, it is nearly always taped and I fast forward through the ads, but a couple of ads have grabbed me. Famous bearded radio person who lives above latest tv ad is good, if only for the expression on his face after he has finished talking to room service.

The ads for whatever radio station Dave Hughes works for are great. Turning up with a choir to someones house singing 'Mama is making Kantong' to someone's house where the resident hates the song.........inspired. (another product placement cheque on the way?) and the latest, a fat woman turning up a dieters house with lots of doughnuts (that is how I spell doughnut. I can only be so modern).

Is the extra I pay on goods for advertising and commercial tv is worth it? Probably not. But I know a lot of people watch commercial tv, so I don't mind subsidising them really as long as they don't mind subsidising Our ABC.

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