Friday, May 26, 2006

Pre PC

My normal routine on days when I am not working and I am home alone is when I get out of bed, I will spend a couple of hours in front of the pc doing 'stuff'. It may even be longer. If I am up at seven, then there is not much point rushing off anywhere before ten.

But what did I do in the morning before the days of the information super highway? I know I used to read a lot more. More newspapers, magazines and books. But I don't think I used to bound out of bed to read. I have never watched daytime tv, let alone morning tv. I don't think I sat and stared at the radio where the voice was coming from. We did have pets, so I suppose I might have spent some time with them, or at least cleaning up after them. There used to be big gardens to look after, but I wouldn't be out in the frost or the mist to do that first thing in the morning.

Nope, it remains a bit of a mystery how I used to occupy myself early to mid morning before the pc arrrived.

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  1. It's amazing when you look back on things. I remember when the first computer came to our house: an Apple IIc many many moons ago. It's difficult to comprehend the world before mobile phones, too. These days when you're trying to arrange a get-together, everyone has one and if anyone's late, bingo. Of course it slows them down, but nobody thinks of that. Prior to that, people just met up when they say they did.
    I can't remember much of life pre-computer, but I do remember playing a whole lot more out in the backyard and of course being more active. That's the real change for me.


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