Monday, May 01, 2006

The nephew grows up

The nephew is now 19 I think. He sports some god awful looking dreads. Some dreads I like, but his are…. well not to my taste. He is a good kid/bloke. He is caring, thoughtful and very much like his mother, my sister in law. But he is not a sissy boy. He plays Aussie Rules, cricket and basketball and has lots of mates and has had a couple of girlfriends. No doubt he has done ‘the biz’ with some girl.

His mother is naturally very nice and outgoing and clever enough. His father drinks too much but he is extremely clever in a practical and technical way. But without being too harsh, nephew is not the brightest spark in the fire. He had hopes of being some sort of adventure/orienteering tourist guide but for various reasons, it did not happen.

Last night we attended a dinner to say goodbye to him as next week he leaves to go to Cairns to try his luck there. He has some mates there and should be ok for a while.

I remember so many things clearly in the past, but the nephew as he changed from a baby to an adult and all that was in between seems hazy. R has never mentioned to him that he used to change his nappy. Shall we leave that for the eventual wedding speeches or his twenty first?

Uncle thought it would be ok for R to give him a bit of cash to see him on his way. R gave him a bit more than Uncle thought appropriate.

He could well be back in a couple of months anyway, but I hope he makes a go of it. It could well be his niche.

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  1. Confusus say:

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

    Best of luck to your nephew.


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