Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Memory Stick

The poor old memory stick got a good whack at some time while the o/s rels were here. It sat vulnerably at the side of the pc case and somehow, it got bent backwards a bit. Subsequently it started to become unreliable and often required unplugging and replugging in to be recognised.

Last week it failed entirely. We had to visit that large office supply company for an unrelated matter and thought we would look at a replacement. Our failed beast was a 256mb device. Far too big for our requirements. I asked about a 128mb model, but they are pretty well unavailable now.

So, we ended up buying a new one for $40, a bit cheaper than the last. We won't leave it plugged in and it is much nicer looking little thing and it comes with it's own protective cap and a bright light to see when it is plugged in and when there is activity. We only use it once a week to back up our financial stuffs. It is somwhat more friendly than zip disks or floppys.

But there is a moral dilema here. The old one is less than one year old and still under warranty. Should I try to straighten it out and return it? Normally I would not entertain the idea when it was us that caused the failure. But I am not so sure that we did. Yes, it got bent back a bit, but I really don't think that it is the reason it failed.

There is the business part of it, that would then connect to the contacts where it plugs in. When it became unreliable, moving it while it was in position had no effect. You could jiggle it all you liked, no effect. Cleanly unplug it and replug it, and it would work.

Btw, it was a Techworks product that now seem absent from the shelves of the large office supply company. Techworks in the US have no connection to the Aussie company, which I think is or was just a branding name for the large office supply company.

I think I will try for a refund or credit.

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  1. I saw an article in a Choice magazine about memory sticks and they tested a whole bunch of them. I don't know if the article in a) online or b) online and free, but check out the site anyways ( incase you get lucky.