Sunday, May 21, 2006


With rules and regulations and monitoring, our Melbourne cops are now well under control, I think. No shifty business, no graft, and corruption has to be very well hidden if it is still happening. But only a fool would think that any police force can remain free of some corruption.
I wonder how this works? The LEAP database. Who adds info to files? Who deletes files? It is hardly surprising that cops might want to check their own file and those of there friends, family, aquaintances, pop stars, famous people, politicians. If I had a data base available to me, that is exactly what I would do. Police command should have seen this coming when they transferred from files to computers.

This was many years ago, but when my stepmother's car was hit by another and the person gave a false name and address, my stepmother contacted a friend who was an ex policeman, who contacted a mate who was still in the force and found out the registered owner and she had the offender's details within half and hour. Obviously this could not be done nowadays. I bet it is a long and torturous process.

It probably would not be a good idea to turn back the clock to those days, but boy you wish shortcuts could be taken sometime, probably no one more so than cops themselves.

It is a well published fact that police visible on the streets is a major crime deterrent. They need to be on foot, bicycle and car and why not helicopter too. This is clearly not happening and the reason must be numbers. There are insufficient police for our population. Our population is growing and new police must be continually added. I doubt anyone except those in government would disagree.

If we don't increase the numbers, we will have a two tiered society. We will have your basic law abiding citizen and those with a total disregard for society's rules and standards. The number of the latter will grow and the former decrease as people realise that there is little consequence to their breaking of the law.

You can already see this in the way people drive. Your middle class inner suburban dweller obeys road laws when they think they may get caught, otherwise, they have there own rules. But because these drivers drive in a co-operative spirit with each other in very slow moving congested areas, the system does not crash. When you throw in a cocksure outer suburban driver into the mix, it starts to go wrong. They don't drive as co-operatively and right is might. But your usual inner city driver is going further and further along the lines of blatantly ignoring road rules. Having coppers around inner areas to police motorists is well overdue. And while they are at it, they can observe how incompetent some older drivers are and report them. Hear the inevitable cry, 'We allocate resources where they are needed most'. In this case, it would be high serious accident and death areas I suppose. Meanwhile, everywhere else becomes Rafferty's Rules driving.

I think it is also without doubt that standards of behaviour by people in the street have fallen. A few coppers walking the footpath would help a lot. How did we get to have people dealing and selling drugs openly on the street and it not being policed? The police command responds with, 'Well, if we police one area, it just moves to another area'. Well, then you target that area. It is unrealistic to have a drug free society, but at least drive it underground where it has minimal effect on everyone else.

How come we have millionaire drug dealers? Citizens making hundreds of thousands of dollars by drug dealing and nothing is done? Why not? You can bet your copper knows who they all are and I doubt there is any political pressure to go soft on them. It has to be just the lack of numbers of cops to investigate.

Exasperating. Are we heading down America's path with walled communities and high level security in buildings. Well that is what is happening in my place of residence.

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  1. Let's not forget those eight people who heard a "death-curdling scream" the other night and couldn't be bothered calling the police...


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