Monday, May 22, 2006

Almost Marvellous Wikepedia and Google

This internet is a wonderous thing, but it can't tell me everything. No matter what I enter into google or wikipedia, they cannot tell me why R forgot to put beetroot on the shopping list when he served up the last of it. It cannot tell me that when I put the beetroot depleted serving dish in the dish washer and that I wasn't reminded to check if it was on the shopping list. It cannot tell me why once I did belatedly put it on the shopping list, that I forgot to buy it. Fotunately I had a salad roll with beetroot today for lunch. It makes up for the lack of it in tonight's salad. I take pride in my 'never run out of stuff', shopping list. I have failed. I must look around and find someone else to blame. See, I am not so old. I know the modern way of thinking. There must be someone to blame. Not my fault. I think it must be the supermarket's fault for not reminding me.


  1. Be careful what you wish for - some marketing department will take this as being a request to get pestered about anything and everything when you shop!

    "Everyone - it seems as though our already unbearable levels of advertising are losing strength. It's time we boost it up to 11! Jack, hit the junk mail! Anna, get some more crappy commercials going and don't forget to sponsor, because we know our customers love being reminded again and again, even during the same break! Kevin, we need more market research, so get on the phones at dinner time! Dave, use the red phone and call the Brand Power woman! Battle stations!

  2. It is about to happen isn't it? Something coming to your mobile phone. It will be as successful as browsing the net with your mobile phone.

  3. Andrew, I'm ashamed of you. You're gay and can't pickle beetroot!

    You have nice taste in vases though.

  4. Course I can and I have done it, but having grown up on tinned beetroot, I prefer the taste of that. In some ways I am not good at being gay. I can't (won't) cook and I am not artistic. Luckily I have someone to look after those areas.


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