Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The weirdness, what people are searching for

I was reminded to check my blog stats after reading Andy's semi regular stats post. Unlike Andy, I guess I know why no one comes to my blog when they type labia into their search engine. Maybe they will now, labia, labia, labia. Big labia, torn labia, enlarged labia, no labia.

Cyclist's bulges got a good run M!key.

Is Elesternwick nice? I think it is pretty ok.

Les Gock nude? Sorry can't oblige. While I would have killed to see that when both he and I were young, after seeing him the other night on tv, nah, no longer interested. I have got bare top pics of him in very tight revealing satin pants when he was young if that interests you?

Luvey, if you want to learn how drive, you better ask for road code booklet, not a road coad booklet. Ever thought about remedial English before setting out on our roads?

I think I have at least two gay readers. Were one of you looking for the explicit Head On stills of Alex Dimitriadis? I might publish them in the future.

Sorry, but I cannot help you with your search for Dry Duck Exterior Coat Melbourne.

Most puzzling award goes to three hits for Chris Oxenbould. It took me some to work out who he is and why anyone would come to my blog with that search, but I did work it out.


  1. I read the Andy's labia post and I thought I would do a google. Your blog came up third.

  2. Yep, I will mention that a bit later


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