Friday, April 28, 2006

Two Botanic Gardens

Melbourne is fortunate to be so well endowed with beautiful parks. Even the burbs have some great parks.

We now have two Royal Botanic Gardens. Our newest one officially opens at Langwarrin in May.

One is on expensive inner city land and the other on cheaper and not so useful outer suburban land.

One has high maintenance exotic plants, the other low maintenance Australian natives.

One requires lots of water, the other probably only needs water to flush the public lavs and that would be recyled.

One has vast areas of lawn that requires mowing, the other doesn't.

This is a guess, but one has rubbish bins and the other does not.

One is frequented by your wealthier type person and the other is not.

One is adjacent to one of the richest areas of Melbourne, the other adjacent to one of the poorest.

One is well fenced and with gates so that access can be controlled and ease of collecting an entrance fee, the other is not.

One is free and the other will cost nine dollars.

No stupid, it is not the high maintenance, highly watered one in the posh area that costs nine dollars, it is the scrubby native vegetated one in the poor area that costs nine dollars. The former is free.

I suppose I better reserve my judgement until I see it, but on the face of it, it sounds wrong to me.

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  1. Nine bucks? For a friggin' park? There'd better be a bar somewhere in there!