Thursday, April 06, 2006

Turned like a mongrel dog

I knew it was coming. I was having to reduce the cold water a little before getting into the shower. In warmer months, I can just turn both taps on and the temperature is fine, although if weather is hot, I sometimes have to reduce the hot.

I don't consider winter arrives until we have a week of below twenty degree daytime temperatures, so it won't be this week. But the weather has changed.

Last night was a twice yearly event. I picked up the remote for the air-con and looked at it with puzzlement. It was set to cool and I wanted some warmth. We may not have needed heating last night if I hadn't had the windows open all day but too bad.

After many years I can now remember that the sun symbol does not mean it is hot and you need some cooling. It means you want warmth, like that of the sun. So far so good.

The cooling temperature was set to 24 degrees and usually stays on that, maybe 23 or 22 if we come in and we are hot. But what should the heating temperature be? 22 came to mind. Isn't that what people set their heating thermostats to? Ours was set to 18. 18 sounds cold. I can never remember year to year what the setting should be. I will try 18 and I can always turn it up.

Switch on, nothing. Must not be cold enough to come on. Ah, no. That's right, the fan doesn't come on until the unit has warmed up. Here it comes. Warm air. It filled the living area. It filtered through to the bedrooms. In no time the whole apartment was warm and cozy.

I do miss the burning dust smell that used to happen once a year when we turned on the gas wall furnaces that we have had in other places.

The next marker will be the day R picks up the remote and turns the heating up and I will later turn it down again or at least complain that it is too hot.


  1. Oh, yeah. It was a cold one last night. I considered wheeling out the old heater and actually had to scruch up when I climbed into bed (always a sign of the cooler seasons). I say bring it on!

  2. Getting colder here - only 14 today. I went for the electric blanket on Saturday, and the central heating tonight, plus gone from wearing shorts at home to tracky dacks. Interesting point on the radio on my way to work this morning - we had snow on the hills just outside Canberra, on a total fire ban day.


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