Sunday, April 23, 2006

Online Pics

I got myself into a terrible mess with online picture storage. I have finally sorted it all out and I know what is stored where and why and I have worked out the log in and url of each one.

I have two Flickr accounts, one for blog photo storage and the other to share personal photos with friends and family. Yes, I know you can use one for both.

I have two Webshot sites to store architectural photos and another to share 'interesting' personal photos with someone overseas. Actually it is more so that I can see his photos.

Lastly, three photobucket sites. One is for the celeb pics you see on my blog. Another to link to another site with a single photo url and the other is empty at the moment but has been used in the past.

The next task will be to reduce these to at least half, if not less. It will involve some cursing as I battle against the user unfriendliness of some of these storage sites.

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