Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hot Tip

Hot tip for the 2.13 at Monee Valley today. Sorry, there may only be a couple of you who read this, but I am not shortening the odds by telling you which horse.

I have a bet on the Melbourne Cup if I am not working that day, but normally I would never go near a TAB, (betting shop).

But a rel told us about someone she knows who has a horse running at Monne Valley today. Always being the retentive, plan in advance person, I called into a TAB yesterday. There were details on the walls of races all around Australia, but only for that day. I asked at the counter and the nice man went to the back of the shop and brought out the sheets for the next day. I promised I would return them. I wonder if that was really allowed? After skimming through the sheets, I recognised the horse's name. I noted down the race and horse number, returned the sheets and grabbed a couple of betting cards. It didn't look like you can place a bet in advance, so I will have to go to the TAB today. The local is just a short stroll away.

I it wins, I will be happy. If it doesn't, I will have more amunition on the evils of gambling.


  1. Well, coincidences of coincidences. We are about to leave for Moonee Valley in less than 30 mins.

    Off to take up the invite for cocktails in the Committee Room, mind youthis is all courtesy of she who must be obeyed wot's a MV member. Me - merely the tattered off the shoulder macrame handbag. (Or should that be bookies' satchell?)

    No name? OK then it's 50 cents on each horse in the race and hope the bolter gets up. ('scuse me innuendo.)

  2. And, and? Did the nag come home??

  3. Nope. See next post.


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