Sunday, April 23, 2006

Help, send money

The 'orse lost. I am poorer than ever. Gin Speil in race five did not even get a place. The name should have given it away. Alchohol and talk. Should have told the Governer General and he could have cheered him on a bit. (See comment in last post)


  1. The weight of your moolah saw the beast go out as second favorite, but it ran like Douglas Bader in leg irons.

    And tet it be here recorded that the Moonee Valley Racing Club Committee is a disgrace. Cocktail party (11 a.m. - 1p.m.)at which party pies, party sausage rolls and grilled sausages with tomato sauce was the fare on offer. Have seen better and more exciting tucker served up at sausage sizzles outside Bunning on a Saturday morning.

    For Gorsakes it was her Maj's 80th and there was not so much as a whiff of a cucumber sanger, let alone a warm gin and tonic. (Then again we don't ever want the word gin mentioned again do we punters?)