Monday, April 24, 2006

H Bomb or a Fish?

I had seen these puzzling little fish or bomb like things discarded in the street. I never bothered to pick one up and examine it, but I did wonder what it was.

I was in a hurry the other day and did not have time for some proper food, so I grabbed a dim sim in Myer. I went to end of the counter where the soy sauce normally sits, but there was none. I asked for it at the counter and was given some of these bomb/fish like things. Ah, so that what do they contain? R said he thought they contained wasabi, but no. These definetely contained soy, although not as good as that which comes out of a bottle. I think they are kinda cute.

The smallest things amuse the smallest minds.


  1. They always reminds me of a Babelfish.

  2. Japanese food is one of my weaknesses (albeit a reasonably healthy one). These little fellas always end up somewhere in the bag. Yes, it is far inferior to the bottled kind, but much less hazardous to cart around. The challange now is to find out what they can be used for post-soy.