Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fire Trucks

Why does the fire brigade feel the need to over react to minor matters. Too many times I have seen three fire trucks with lights flashing and siren blasting arrive to put out a fire in a rubbish bin. I understand that they must err on the side of caution, but really, they do go overboard. They cause disruption to traffic, public transport and it just looks darn silly.

I am reminded of the time when we had a false alarm in our building. Only a few people took it seriously and they arrived on the ground floor in the lift, a no no if there really is a fire. I just went down to investigate as I was then a body corporate committee member and blame for a false alarm needs to pinpointed in case the body corporate is charged.

I chatted to some fellow residents for a bit and then decided to go back to my apartment. No, said the fireman, you cannot go up. I argued, but he stood in front of the lift.

I started to walk away. He then asked where I was going, and I said to my car. I will go out.

I went into the stairwell, walked up one flight and caught the lift from the first floor to my apartment. It had already been established that is was a false alarm. He was just being bloody minded. If he really thought is was serious, he should have been rescuing the other residents who did not come down to the foyer.

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