Sunday, April 09, 2006

Endless Amusement

You can share yourself around in many ways over the internet. You can particpate in a yahoo group called, 'old women scone makers' and one called 'lesbian long nail fisters' (I made these groups up, don't bother searching). Yahoo groups is not bad, a remnant of the marvellous egroups, so many years ago. I vaguely recall another group hoster called domeus. It had some really scary stuff. Not sure if it is still around. Yet another is smart groups. I signed up for one reason, Humber cars. Emails arrive regularly, but I don't think the hoster is very good. Posts are often delayed and sometimes repeated endlessly. I am surprised that it has not died and that emails still arrive.

But this Humber group amsuses me no end, not so much for what is posted but from where the posts come. They are from all over the world. The thing that they have in common is Humber cars. But everyone seems to think locally. One will ask about some help with something about thier car. The next post will ask, are you in Canberra, and the following, no, I am in San Fransisco/Kent/Madrid/Tel Aviv. It always ends in total confusion, and then someone will step in to sort out the location problem.

All it would take is to identify the location initially, but posters seldom do.
It is not a bad thing, hey. While the world has gone global, people are still thinking locally.

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