Saturday, April 29, 2006

The deserted bike update

Year 2003: Intact bicycle locked to a sigpost. No pic.

Year 2004: Pieces have started to disappear from bicycle

Year 2005: Not much left of the bicycle now

Year 2006: No one could see anything left on bicycle to remove, so decided that it would look fine suspended by one of it's own cables

Should I have contacted the council for them to remove it? No, it amuses me the few times each week that I see it.


  1. It now looks like a carcass hanging in the breeze

  2. Yeah it does M!key. Kinda sad really.

  3. Take it and mount it on the wall of you lounge or sell it to the VCA as outsider art. It's not as bad as that dreaded federation arch.

  4. Don't remind me of nightmares. What happened to the arch? Didn't a council buy it? Not heard that it has been re-errected.

  5. Perhaps it's been hoisted there as a warning to other bikes. Abandon hope!

  6. The city of Hume ended up taking the arch.

    I just hope those Commonwealth games fish don't find their way into Moonee Ponds.

  7. Hehe Bobby. They could have swum there.


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