Thursday, April 27, 2006

Big Brother Gay

Apparently on this season's Big Brother, there is a guy called David who is thought to be a homosexual. While this pic of him with Miss Aida is not proof positive, it is not a bad indication.

Update. Evidently he did come out on this evening's show.


  1. I can't stand Big Brother and while I have respect for anyone coming out (especially on national tv), using BB, easily the low-tide mark of reality tv, pop culture and humanity in general, is not the best choice. I haven't seen any of this round as I think I'd like to leave my memory of BB frozen in time with the image of a penis on a woman's shoulder. That was truly priceless. By the way, before people reach for the flamer machines, I don't mind if other people watch the show - I choose not to and am happily opinionated on it!

  2. Don't worry Rob. No danger of flaming. I have a readership of about four.