Thursday, April 27, 2006

Army Body Mix Up

How incompetent are our forces? Aside from the billions wasted on poor equipment purchasing, now they have allowed a dead soldiers body to be sent to god knows where and the wrong one sent home to his family in Australia.

Lieutenant General Leahy, hopefully they won't be needed, but can you draw some kangaroos on some sticky post it notes and send them to Iraq? They can stick them on the coffins in the future.

Incompetent money wasting fools. God help us if we are never under a real threat. It will only be the lower ranks that save us.

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  1. Just remember - it was "carried out" by a private company contracted by the army for such tasks. This is precisely one of the reasons why privatisation is so widespread - the government can now throw stones at the third party instead of them copping it sweet.