Tuesday, April 25, 2006

40 kph

On the way to and from work, I travel through a school zone. Between 2.30 and 4.00 school days, the limit is 40kph. The times are stupid. You would only see school waggers on the street at 2.30. You might see quite a few of them out and about at 4.05 and later.

The road I am talking about is Dandenong Road, St Kilda East. There is a full traffic light pedestrian crossing along with an overhead walking bridge. Yes, that is where the schools are. In the fifteen odd years that I have been regularly driving along here, I have never seen a school kid run across the road.

But there is another school nearby, on a side road, Chapel Street. At this very busy intersection, children cross the major Dandenong Road, with and often without the lights, mostly on their way to Windsor Station. There isn't a crossing supervisor, yet the speed limit is 70kph.

Aside from the school kiddies, there are many trash and wasters society's less fortunate who cross at this point and I think there is a good argument for slowing all traffic at this point permanently. Motorists naturally slow anyway.

I do approve of slowing traffic in busy areas or where there are schools, but the reduction of speed to 40 kph at schools and in busy shopping areas has been so badly done and illogical, I don't have any respect for the departments that implemented the system.

And no, I haven't been booked for speeding in a school zone. I have never been booked for anything.

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  1. At least at Dandenong Rd they have those flashing signs telling you it's actually operating! In some school zones, they have signs up, but if your clock is out by a few minutes, it can be a hassle! The whole 50 and 40 zone thing was initally poorly arranged and done on the cheap, but I hear they are actually trying to sort it out properly. The only thing that shits me is that I seem to be the only one paying attention when I drive. I haven't had a speeding fine for many years (back in 98 I was pulled over by a human, so I can't bitch too much!)