Sunday, March 26, 2006

Two birthdays, two occasions

Rs birthday this week and also highriser's mother's birthday. Advance plan, dinner with friends on Saturday night. Family picnic Sunday afternoon.

Somehow it all merged into one. The one being dinner for 18 people tonight, friends and family combined. It is a fairly recent thing that I have mixed family and friends. For over twenty years, they were kept separate. At some point just a couple of years ago, I thought bugger this, and invited family to Dame M's for a party. It went well and, so where I feel it is appropriate, I combine them. I am too old to bother with other people's issues.

But that makes it seem like I did that tonight. I didn't. It just got so out of my control and grew like a monster, then I had to chase up the loose ends and organising.

It was at the Balaclava Hotel and everyone was very complimentary about the service and the staff and the staff were very good. I am not sure if it was because it was booked in Dame M's name or they recognise us a bit, but a five star restaurant would not have done better and certainly not been so friendly to those who responded to them or put up with the ubiquitous whinger.

I know I am repeating myself, but I cannot believe how good such poorly paid service staff are, especially in hospitality. Perhaps there is something in this 'team stuff''.

The only downer for the evening was Dame M called in sick (hungover? or peaked early? Star guest not present) and brother got into his usual very drunk state and wife who he is separating from him always makes an effort to look miserable when he is around.

I confess, it was bloody hard work, but it went well. I don't think I will have a birthday this year. It is such an interuption to my normally controlled life.

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