Saturday, March 11, 2006


Last night we went to the Dendy movie theatre in Church Street, Brighton. I have been to the Dendy before. The last time I went, I think an organ rose up and played an intro to the movie. It is a bit different now.

Church Street Brighton is like being in another world. It was so quiet. Plenty of people around, but it was so quiet. Melbourne is made up of many different parts. Church Street is a real enclave. It felt surreal. I was a visitor, an actor on stage. It was not real life. Before the movie we had coffee, very nice and not expensive and good service for us common types from St Kilda Road.

Just like multi national take away food places, I was well out of my comfort zone........but then in younger days, I did have quite some experience in Brighton, but I was such a niaeve youth.

Our antique dealer friend who lives in Bay St, never goes near Church Street. It is truly another place.

We saw a movie called Kinky Boots. If you like English style movies, it was a good one. The lead character, a drag, was great and Aussie actor Joel Edgerton had a very good role too. It was almost a theatrette that we viewed it in, but lay back seats and a table next to you is very nice.

Movies are an individual thing, some like some genres, some like others, but do yourself a favour and have an experience and go to the Dendy in Church Street Brighton and see one. If you get bored, count the number of four wheel drives that pass.


  1. "The last time I went, I think an organ rose up and played an intro to the movie."

    So rich in possibilities, so little time! You have no idea the amount of self control it took to refrain from making a Frankie Howerd-like comment on that!

  2. I was tired when I wrote that. I must have been as it did not even occur to me.


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