Sunday, March 05, 2006

Scared kiddies

I am unsure of the correct name for this structure at Brighton Cemetery. I will just call it a crypt. When we were children and lived in the country, we often stayed at my grandparents house in Oakleigh. Every Mother's Day and Father's Day and respective birthdays my grandmother would either be driven to Brighton Cemetery by my grandfather or catch the Ventura 630 bus to visit her parents grave. If we kiddies were staying, then we would go too. We were brave and by day at least, the cemetery was a great place to run, hide and muck around. (I suppose and hope that kids still 'muck around')

We used to peer into this crypt that was near our great grand parents grave. We were convinced that they were real bodies lying inside and not statues. Of course as kids do, one would be peering in and the other would sneak up to try and frighten him.

I assume the window boards are there to protect the beautiful stained glass windows from vandals. It is a bit sad the way that graves etc fall in disrepair.

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