Thursday, March 09, 2006

Public Private

Some of you will know what my job is but I kinda like to keep it separate from my blog and don't normally blog about work. Many have said too much on their blogs about their job for their workplace's liking and have suffered. I expect if I wrote about work on my blog, I would say way too much.

But over the period of the Comm Games, I am keeping a bit of a work diary. It is for my eyes, a couple of workmates and anyone fellow blogger who has a public transport connection. Sorry, that is all. If you wish to read it, email me for the address but I will need to be able to identify you in some way, by name, blog or whatever. Please don't pass it on. It is a private document.

It may be interesting or it could be dead boring with me having nothing to write. We shall see. I will delete it a couple of weeks after the games.


  1. I'm sure it will go off when the entire system dies in the arse ten minutes after the first door malfunction and chaos ensues.

  2. lol adam 1.0. Probably

  3. Adam 1.0, you should not be so cynical. Lots of people are putting in a lot of effort, perhaps in the wrong area or they have got it all totally wrong, but they are trying. Don't be so cynical at your age.

  4. Hey, it's a fact of life. These things happen, and it's no help when idiots blame it on the drivers or the other *cough* staff.

    See wild scenes at Bourke/Swanston today when the pantograph flipped on a Combino and some wench was seen threatening to ring up and complain about a poor customer service employee who had told her that when her car breaks down on the freeway and two thousand people are behind her honking the horn and calling her names that she should remember when she went AWOL about a tram breaking down.

    I support the mystery employee to be honest.


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